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Edger Audiobook Available Today!

Edger Audiobook - David Beem -Vikas Adam

There are things in life worth waiting for. Access to the potty when you’ve really got to do a number two is not one of those things. Neither is the year 2021. Seriously? At this point we should all just set the timer on our cryogenic freeze chambers, knock back a few Manhattans and sleep it off.

One thing that is worth waiting for is a new puppy. Will it be hard to wait? Sure. But don’t forget, at the end of your wait: puppy.

Oh, yeah. Another thing that is worth waiting for is the Edger audiobook narrated by Vikas “Pumpkin Spice Latte Vocal Cords” Adam. But wait no more, because that shit’s available in stores today!

(And you should totally go buy it.)
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David Beem
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