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Über Dorks unite!

The sequel to Edger is on its way. As you’re reading this, the thrilling and mysterious manuscript is rising through the seven levels of the Collective Unconscious, battling the holiday sales at the Westfield Horton Plaza Über Dork, and busting Green Bay Packer balls (at a rate of two balls per sack) to reach the Amazon service monkeys by April 1, 2019!

Edger Lives

Our dork of destiny rides again!

Edger is falling for Mary, but that poses a problem when she reveals her desire to kill the world leader whose assassination they’re supposed to prevent. And to make things worse–Edger’s superpowers have stopped working!

Return to the Collective Unconscious, this time with Listerine-chugging stoners, Hollyweirdos, crossdressing commie-alien-kung fu robots, one space gorilla-unicorn, and an exceedingly lovesick Vladimir Putin.

Mind your fingers and toes on page 270. Those skydiving mind-control monkeys have been known to bite!

Pre-orders on sale January 1, 2018

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